**Pending** SS - Cordelia~ Daughter of the sea - Dream keeper #2 Sterling and blue Topaz- Video

$75.00 USD

**Pending** SS - Cordelia~ Daughter of the sea - Dream keeper #2 Sterling and blue Topaz- Video

$75.00 USD

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Don't forget to let me know how long you want this one. Otherwise, she's the same length as Edith. Also, let me know if you would like her antiqued like the others or if you want her kept in bright silver.  

Cordelia - Daughter of the sea

Dream keeper #2

Be sure to scroll down to view the video.

Introducing "Cordelia," a mythical sea goddess, Number 2 in the Dream Keeper series. Cordelia's enchanting presence pays tribute to the captivating mythology of the ocean and the timeless allure of its mysteries.

At the heart of her crown,  there rests a 5.3ct Swiss/sky blue topaz, much like the vast sea mirroring the azure sky above. This gemstone captures the essence of the boundless and ever-changing beauty of the waters she is inspired by.

Cz, a lab-grown zircon, sparkles with the brilliance of stars twinkling above the ocean's surface, reflecting the celestial wonder that draws so many to the sea. Tanzanite, reminiscent of the twilight that blankets the horizon, bestows upon Cordelia an aura of mysticism and adventure.

Cordelia's face, handcrafted from acrylic and resin, conceals a secret, for her eyes are set with opals and moonstone. These gemstones mirror the ebb and flow of the tides, connecting with the ancient wisdom and captivating allure of the sea.

Painstakingly hand-fabricated in sterling silver, bearing a purity stamp.  Each piece is not merely signed but also numbered 2/6, highlighting its unique place in the world.

Cordelia, Daughter of the Sea, is more than just an ornament; she is a guardian, a protector of dreams.  She eagerly awaits her new owner, someone who shares her reverence for the sea's enchantment and who is ready to embark on a journey of wonder and exploration alongside her.

  • Swiss/sky blue topaz 5.3ct
  • Cz (lab grown zircon)
  • Tanzanite
  • Acrylic/resin face (set with opals and moonstone in the eyes)

Hand fabricated in sterling silver, purity stamped as well as hand signed and number 2/6, comes gift boxed and with a 20 inch  stainless steel chain.

Cordelia is is adoptable and excited to protect her new owner, whomever that may be.

Please feel free to send a msg if Cordelia speaks to you..



Cordelia dream keeper video



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