☢ Uranium Glass Jewelry ☢

Welcome to our section where you'll encounter the mesmerizing world of luminescent Uranium glass—each piece holding its own unique glow. Our collection boasts a captivating array of treasures, with a variety of styles and colors that may surprise you.

This glass, a relic of the past, harks back to a golden era, with origins spanning from the 1920s to the 1960s, depending on the hues it wears and the secret chemical blends that imbue it with its radiant charm.

Vaseline/Uranium - Green glow
Manganese - pale blue/green glow
Lead - Blue glow
Cadmium - Yellow/Orange glow
Selenite - Pink glow
Neodymium/Alexandrite glass - Pink/Red glow - Also changes under different light sources - Just like Alexandrite, the gemstone.

All pieces are set in, Sterling silver, 14k gold, Gold-filled, and base metals such as Tombac, copper, brass, and bronze. There's a little something for everyone in this section.

SS - stands for Sterling Silver - Jewelry that is made of solid .925 sterling silver
FS - Stands for fine silver or Pure silver. Silver with a .999 pure content
GF - stands for Gold Filled - Jewelry that is made with 1/12th gold-filled components
CJ - stands for Costume Jewelry - Jewelry that is made with base metals, either brass, copper, or bronze
Please note - I am sorry, I do not work in nickel metals as I am very allergic.

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