CJ - Fabulous Art Deco inspired Egyptian revival UG glass set - Costume - Gold plated

$199.99 USD

CJ - Fabulous Art Deco inspired Egyptian revival UG glass set - Costume - Gold plated

$199.99 USD

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I don't know what it is about Egyptian revival jewelry, but it sure does bring a tickle to my soul!  Even as a child, my mom would bring home antique and vintage jewelry from the weekend yard sales. I'd paw through her spoils, she'd give me the junk and let me look at the rest.  I had a thing for pilfering stones from costume jewelry, and man Oh man, did I ruin some good pieces πŸ€¦ I would imagine that all those sparkly stones were real, and like a dragon, I hoarded those glass gems... And still do! πŸ€£  Which is why she gave me the junk, "Ruin that ya brat" 🀣  I can honestly say I learned a lot over the years, not just destroying jewelry LOL   I'd say my favorite pieces that she brought home were of Czech jewelry.  For me personally, it has the most style and one I'm always trying to reproduce. 

Which brings us to this set in hand.....   I made this Set from actual old brass parts. New-unused old stock and the little Egyptian Pharaohs' faces are old Mariam Haskel jewelry stampings, as is the frame that is soldered around it.  I suppose the origins of those pieces aren't really important, but it is to some of us weirdos who like the old jewelry.  They're small pieces of jewelry history. The Uranium glass is also vintage new-unused old stock, those pieces hail from around the 1930s to 50s.  Last, but not least, I also used vintage gold-filled crinkle chains and gold-filled jump-rings. But the entire idea of this piece was to replicate the old pieces from the 1920s when the fascination of Egypt and its ancient mummies really took off.  I do hope I got close.

I was only able to make one set as I don't have any more Pharaohs by Haskel. But I might be able to do something similar with some other vintage pharaohs' faces I have. 

This 4 piece set comes with the Amazing necklace, shoulder duster earrings, bracelet, And its very own jewelry box.  Tho you do have the option of buying the set without the ring. 

  1. Necklace is 26" long (Gold-filled crinkle chain)
  2. Earrings are just under 4" long (Sterling-filled hook style ear-wires)
  3. Bracelet is adjustable

Set comes with -

  • 1 - Black canvas, zipper closure jewelry box 
  • 1 - black ring display/stand
  • 1 - 395 UV keychain flashlight
  • 2 - Small siz polishing cloth.

Every order comes with a free gift of stickers and a satchel of fresh dried lavender. Please be sure to add in the special notes section if you would like something other than the lavender satchel.

Ready for gifting, or keeping for yourself..... πŸ˜‰

Please msg me with any questions πŸ“§