CJ - Art Deco inspired, Glass enamel & gemstone earrings

$124.95 USD

CJ - Art Deco inspired, Glass enamel & gemstone earrings

$124.95 USD

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Step back in time to the enchanting allure of the 1920s, where romance danced in the air like whispers of a secret. These earrings aren't just special; they're a testament to an era of elegance and sophistication.

Crafted with components that have traversed the sands of time, these treasures feature "New old stock" antique Tombac copper/bronze castings, relics of a bygone age from the 1910s and 1920s. It's a rarity to find such gems today, evoking the glamour of the Roaring Twenties.

Intricately torch-fired and enameled by skilled hands, these vintage castings come to life in vibrant colors, a reflection of the era's vibrancy. If you desire a specific hue to match your vision, we can bring your dreams to life.

These earrings are more than just a piece of history; they are a canvas for your imagination. Adorned with vintage 14k Gold-filled chain and settings, they offer a glimpse into the opulence of the Jazz Age.

As they sway gently, they showcase vintage 1.9ct diamond-cut CZs, capturing the brilliance of stars in the night sky. But should you seek a different kind of gemstone's embrace, we offer the chance to customize your own pair, to make them truly yours.

Choose between sterling silver lever-backs or fish-hook ear wires, a reflection of your personal style. These earrings whisper tales of love and mystique, echoing the romantic evenings of a bygone era. In them, you'll find a piece of the 1920s, a time when elegance was paramount, and every moment was an invitation to dance."

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Please keep in mind that these are made-to-order and will not ship immediately. All made-to-order items require  3 to 4 week delivery date, sometimes sooner if no one is in front of you. If you are worried about the timeframe and need it sooner, feel free to msg me to see what we can work out.

The finish options are -

  • Sterling silver
  • Blackened silver
  • 14k yellow-gold 
  • 14k rose-gold

14k White gold and black Rhodium coming soon!

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