The Serpent an the Apple - Sterling & Opal, precious gemstone necklace.

$1,299.99 USD

The Serpent an the Apple - Sterling & Opal, precious gemstone necklace.

$1,299.99 USD

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This is a necklace that tells a story.  What that story is in its entirety, is up for you to decide... 

Entirely hand fabricated in recycled and fresh sterling silver as well as 14k gold accents.  

The serpent is made of 3 separate pieces and then soldered and hand-carved.  He even has fangs!  

The main feature of this amazing necklace is a massive natural 13ct Chocolate brown African opal that hangs from the main part of the necklace, accented with tiny flowers and butterflies as well as a natural heated orange sapphire from Sri Lanka, natural African rubies, chrome diopside, white spinel, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, citrine, and Dravite Tourmaline. 

The necklace hangs from a thick high-quality satin cord that is finished on both ends with a hook closure.  Currently, I have not set the length on this piece, meaning you can still customize the length. Tho I feel this piece would look best as a choker style, I realize not everyone likes that style,

This stunning piece is an absolute one-of-a-kind and cannot be recreated.  

Comes with a custom Faux leather with satin lining necklace case for safe-keeping

Also comes with a Full-sized polishing cloth for keeping your new lovely shiny and bright, 

If you would like to make this amazing piece yours but need to set up a payment plan, don't hesitate to send me a msg.