Payment plan for Belinda - Goddess rainbow pendant - Payment plan for Belinda

$134.50 USD

Payment plan for Belinda - Goddess rainbow pendant - Payment plan for Belinda

$134.50 USD

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Cost $250 

Shipping with insurance to New Zealand is $21 as discussed  

Total cost with shipping $271.00

Alright, This webpage platform is having issues.  No matter what I do, I can't give NZ free shipping.  

So what I've done I've change the shipping cost to 1.00 per payment because the software won't let me do it any other way lmfao  I have deducted $1.00 from the cost of each payment so that it all balances out.  

The price is still 217.00, Each payment is now $134.50 instead of $135.50

The piece will be shipped the following business day after the final payment has been made.  Shipping to New Zealand usually takes 2 weeks but can take up to 4 weeks.  


Hand fabricated from fresh .925 silver and recycled, hand rolled .900 coin silver. I literally took 2, 1921 Morgan Dollar coins and rolled them out in my mill, and did my magic.

Just because we're molded to fit in the pockets of society, doesn't mean we have to remain that way.   -Do you, make Change ❀️

Hand rolled, sawn, soldered and engraved.
An absolute one-of-a-kind.

A bit of Goddess, some fertility, and Mother's love for All her children.

I can't decide if I should oxidize it, so I'll leave that up to whoever takes her home.

Stones used are-

  • 10x6mm Citrine from Brazil
  • 1.5mm Ruby from Africa
  • 8x6mm, Red garnet from Mozambique 
  • 3mm, Orange hessonite Garnet
  • 3.5mm, Chrome Diopside from Russia
  • 5x3mm, Amethyst from Africa
  • 10x5mm, Welo Opal
  • 2mm, Blue Sapphire
  • 5x3mm, Iolite
  • 3mm, tanzanite
  • 3mm, white spinel