Ooak - ☒ -Pushing Daisies- Momento mori, sterling silver UG necklace - Sterling πŸ’

$449.99 USD $499.99 USD

Ooak - ☒ -Pushing Daisies- Momento mori, sterling silver UG necklace - Sterling πŸ’

$449.99 USD $499.99 USD

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 Entirely hand-fabricated in sterling silver and vintage Uranium glass.  This art piece features an antique uranium glass center stone, set upon what could be seen as a gravestone, nestled amongst a bed of overgrown daisies and a skeletal hand reaching up from the ground.  At the top of the headstone, is a skull and crown with a UG stone set inside the crown.  The chain consists of two skeletal hands, one wearing a bracelet and the other wearing a pink UG ring.  The chain links are handmade, with half of the chain having more daisy details and the back part of the chain is smaller links that kind of resemble bones.  

Entirely hand-fabricated with love & 52 grams of .925 sterling silver, almost 20 hours of work/blood/sweat/tears, and maybe a few cuss words...   Ok...  A lot of cuss words... πŸ€£

Necklace measures approx 23 inches long, with the centerpiece being an additional 2.5" long.  If you want it shorter, Just leave me a note at checkout and I'll make her the correct length for you.

Video coming soon

Comes with -

  • 1 - Upgraded magnetic lid gift box & 
  • 1 - Embroidered satin necklace pouch/bag
  • 1 - 395 UV keychain flashlight
  • 1 - Full-sized, double-layer polishing cloth.

Every order comes with a free gift of stickers and a satchel of fresh dried lavender. Please add in the special notes section if you would like something other than the lavender satchel.

Ready for gifting, or keeping for yourself..... πŸ˜‰

Please msg me with any questions πŸ“§