Custom listing - Ametrine, chrome diopside and garnet necklace

$174.99 USD $299.99 USD

Custom listing - Ametrine, chrome diopside and garnet necklace

$174.99 USD $299.99 USD

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This is a repeat of my Facebook description, but  Much more detailed.  So please, read on 

So, I like to dig through my bag of scrap silver.  It's good stuff, good inspiration.  But, it's mostly single earrings, broken components, and random pieces. Still usable to the point that it hurts me to melt it down 🀣🀣 So I store it. I have this bag of random silver parts and it comes in really handy when I'm dealing with artist's block. πŸ€£

So when I can't come up with anything, I like to paw through it and see what I can do.  Seriously tho, when I go brain-dead, this I how I get through it.  I've had some of this bag of silver parts since the 90's.  And then I inherited a bunch more from my mom when she passed.  She Lovvvved hoop earrings.  Sooo, that's actually where the twisted/curved piece at the top comes from.  The ametrine also comes from her earring hoard.  The earrings were broken, I didn't have the skills to repair - at the time.  I do now, but I've since sold the other stone set, in a piece.  

Now, the 3 stone setting to the right, that was a connector to a sterling necklace that I wore to Phantom of the Opera in 1996.  The clasp broke some years ago and mom kept it. I wasn't making jewelry then. Mom was holding onto it and then she passed and when I inherited all the jewelry and I got it back. Another piece I couldn't fix and even with my skills now. I still couldn't fix it.  

The line of white spinel was part of another project that didn't work out, but part of the idea would work for this piece.  

The amethyst at the top was meant to go In a family friend's cremation urn, but it was too small for my vision.  

This OOAK has African amethyst, chrome diopside, raspberry pink (rare) rhodolite garnet, ametrine, and spinel.
Comes with the e 18" foxtail sterling chain seen in the photos as 

Please leave a note before checkout if you would like an extender chain included. 

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