SS - 3.5ct ☒ Victorian style UG glass Urn ring - Holds ashes - Sterling πŸ’

$104.99 USD $129.95 USD

SS - 3.5ct ☒ Victorian style UG glass Urn ring - Holds ashes - Sterling πŸ’

$104.99 USD $129.95 USD

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Cremation ring Keepsake kits -

These rings are beautifully crafted using the lost-wax method and are cast in solid .925 sterling silver and then 14k white gold-plated.  I'm personally a big fan of these, so much so that I even made one for myself and a friend. They hold something truly special within their design. Just like a regular ring, but with a tiny compartment for holding ashes.

Due to this unique feature, the ring stands a little taller than a typical ring, so please be sure to view all the pictures provided.

The highlight of these rings is a super flashy 3.5ct vintage Uranium glass stone from the 1940s, which radiates with captivating brilliance. Each ring is adorned with diamond-cut CZs, adding to its charm and sparkle. A meaningful and extraordinary piece that combines elegance with sentimental value."

Each ring comes as a kit -

  • 1pc - Sterling silver Cremation ring
  • 1pc - Filling scoop - Stainless steel
  • 1pc - Filling funnel - Stainless steel
  • 1pc - Superglue 
  • 1pc - Lidded cup for storing cremains
  • 1pc - Black velvet ring box
  • 1pc - Black velvet bag
  • 1pc - Polyvinyl ring display stand
  • 1pc - 395 UV key-chain
  • 1pc - Polishing cloth

Every order comes with a free gift of stickers and a satchel of fresh dried lavender.  Please be sure to add in the special notes section if you would like something other than the lavender satchel. 

Ready for gifting, or keeping for yourself..... πŸ˜‰

Please msg me with any questions πŸ“§